Credit Union Story

People helping people, story by story

At Credit Union Story, we are credit union marketing specialists.

We are credit union members. We are credit union believers.

We are writers, videographers, designers, and media strategists who have been helping credit unions grow membership, build product/service usage, develop brand awareness, and enhance brand affection, for over 30 years. We do that by creating marketing campaigns that are rooted in the oldest, and one of the most effective, forms of advertising...STORYTELLING.


Graphic Designer. Artist.
Graphic Design/Journalism Degrees, UW-Stout

Why I love credit unions: You actually feel welcome at a credit union because a credit union feels like family. They care about people. They take the time to listen in order to understand. They work hard to make a difference in people's lives. Credit unions are people helping people, not financial institutions working for profit.